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Hello, my name is Sandro Pereira and I would like to say: “Welcome to the Norwegian BizTalk User Group (NoBUG) new blog!”

Dominic Akadimah, one of the person’s behind NoBUG, invited me to official release the first blog post here using a topic of my choice… probably he was expecting a technical post… I would do that in the next blog post but now I just want to tell you a little story…

Why should you share your knowledge?

When it comes to knowledge and sharing knowledge, we can say three categories of people:

  • Those that consume knowledge: everyone does it! But we can say that mainly are people that are in the beginning of their career; people that are facing a challenger or problems, they encounter a different technology or simply for pleasure/curiosity.
  • Those who keep the knowledge to themselves: It could be for several reasons: some people don’t public (blog, speaking conference, …) share their knowledge because they are shy or don’t like to write; or some people are insecure and they think that by sharing their knowledge are opening the hand of an asset that allows them to keep their job, salary conditions or simply more business
  • And those who share the knowledge!

Let me tell you my story and why sharing my knowledge change my life… for better in all aspects! (I really do not have much inclination/skills for these philosophical posts, so, sorry in advance)

One day in mid-2008, my dear friend José Antonio Silva (and actually also one of my bosses) reached me and told me that I had reached a certain level in my career that I should start giving to the community what she had given me all these years… of course that, at that time I complained saying that I had no free time, I had lots of work and, of course, at home what I wanted was to have a little fun with family and friends… I was, sympathetically, insulted by him… but he knows me well enough that, for me to do it, I just had to be «encourage» in a very peculiar way (sympathetically insulted by him :)). So I think it was no surprise to him that a week I already had created and started blogging in my personal blog “Sandro Pereira BizTalk Blog” which I described it, at that time, as “My notes about BizTalk Server” because, as I tell to all who ask me, it was intended, and still is, to serve as my public notebook about BizTalk. I personally use it as a reference and often end up linking many answers to it. If I see a recurring problem/question pop up, I end up writing something about it so that search engines can better match how others are trying to find a solution to their problem… the bonus is, of course, if it is helpful to others people I will be extremely happy to have helped.

Writing has become a habit, a hobby, and a passion of mine, and I’ve been doing it for quite a while, and by consequence the pleasure for sharing knowledge and the gratitude involved. So, a year later (~2009) I started to participate in other platforms like BizTalk forums, at the beginning with my own questions, until I found that I could answer many of the pending questions also. It was very satisfying the feeling and naturally the achievements started to give an even bigger sense of accomplishment, people begin to know me, although at the time I still do not have this perception. The important at that time for me was that, I honestly was really proud with myself, and I notice that by sharing knowledge by simple write a blog post or by helping other in the forums also helped me to grow as a person and to increase/improve/grow my knowledge… and, really honestly, I had never thought about becoming an MVP, or at least for me being an MVP was a distant dream.

In January, 1 of 2011… the distant dream come true… I had the honor of being nominated BizTalk MVP which was an unexpected amazing surprise… It was such a surprise that I just realized that I had been nominated BizTalk MVP on January 11 (ten days later)… I was and I still am extremely delighted, it’s a big honor to be in this program and have this award.

Looking back, sharing Knowledge helped me to build my profile as an expert leader and shaped my personal character, it allowed me to:

  • To travel and see the world: I started to get more involved in the Portuguese and international communities making BizTalk public speaking outside Portugal: Italy, Norway, UK, Sweden and so on.
  • To meet amazing people: In each place I interacted, socialize and stayed connected with fantastic people who share the same taste for technology.
  • To meet amazing friends: I can say, with all sincerity, that some of my good friends are people I met in consequence of sharing knowledge who share the same BizTalk/Integration passion, people like Nino Crudele, Steef-Jan Wiggers, Tord Glad Nordahl, Saravana Kumar and so on… actually was a co-founder the BizTalkCrew with these four guys, a group that was responsible for organizing BizTalk Innovation Day event all across Europe and that gave birth to our current Integrate London event.
  • Have the feeling of gratitude: probably what most surprised me was the sense of gratitude… I’m always amazed/surprised and a bit speechless, but at the same time is extremely rewarding and that I feel very happy and proud about myself when someone that I never met before approaches me and says «Thank you! Thanks for helping me…»… it’s priceless.

I never thought to become who I am today, it never crossed my mind… I started playing with computers when I was 5 or 6-year-old with my Timex Sinclair 2068 and the felling I had that day is still on my blood… I grew up playing games and competing with my old brother, my two young cousins and some of my friends, looking back, I knew somehow that my future would be related with this area (IT, computers). Then I was lucky to find the ideal people at the right time who believed in me and that encouraged me to become what I am today… and I am a lucky person because I am paid to do what I love the most!

Knowledge is power and it can give you a superficial sense of edge over your colleagues, if you don’t share it, but, sharing knowledge positions you as an expert, it will open new doors and may help you seamlessly move to the leadership role, it will help you to build your network – having a great network, with renowned experts in the area is an invaluable counterpart.

You may think that people like to share, or do share, only to archive recognition (like become MVP) or to be reward (for example get more salary or something) – I don’t say they are not good because they are – however for me that is not completely true. I once read a post from David Gurteen about “Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture” in which I personally identify myself:

“If people understand that sharing their knowledge helps them do their jobs more effectively; helps them retain their jobs; helps them in their personal development and career progression; rewards them for getting things done (not for blind sharing); and brings more personal recognition, then knowledge sharing will become a reality.”

With a bonus for me… some people like to run (I also like), some of them like bike or read, going to music concerts and so on… one of my favorites hobbies is to write! I could write about lots of things, like my personal life (very common nowadays don’t know why), weather or other insignificant things for me… but why not write about what I really like to do… BizTalk and related integrate technologies (Logic Apps, API Management and son on)… so 1 + 1 = 2, for me is really simple to share my knowledge.

My advice… don’t be afraid try to share your knowledge, you may do some mistakes, it is normal! Is part of life, learn from them and keep moving forward… I was petrified when I did my first public speaking, now I lost the count of how many I already did, some of them went great others not so much 🙂 … but I think that you will be amazed in this journey.

NoBUG blog

I hope this blog will give us another unique opportunity to share community knowledge while also offering a place for us to interact with each other. I promise that I will try to be a constant presence on this blog with new articles.

You can also embark on this new journey with us. It is never too late to start sharing!

Thanks Dominic Akadimah for inviting me to official release the NoBUG blog, it was an honor.

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